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  • Daddy's Girl
  • Mine & my 18yr old daughters hands, love this pict!
  • a415tattooedwmn's tattoo #1
  • Ink everywhere, both arms now sleeved & both hands
  • Left upper arm, top of lft sleeve. More ink & fill, it's now finished!
  • Left upper arm (inside area) ok, this one did hurt. Before fill
  • MY RT HAND, TUDOR style Irish Rose with a blue rosary beads & Cross
  • Lft hand end of my sleeve
  • Lft arm lower sleeve finished, yay
  • Lower lft arm back side. Celtic tree of life
  • Beginning of lft arm
  • Same rt leg, the previous shows the back, this wraps around
  • a415tattooedwmn's tattoo
  • My RT outside of leg - now finished YAY!!!!!


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