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badkittycatscratch's tattoo

My back half done

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  • 62bu_small

    badboybleezy1 said on February 2, 2010

    baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad kittttttttttttty

  • Zombiewalk_031_small

    badkittycatscratch said on January 20, 2010

    i actually have more done and its kinda themed but not really.
    I am huge into Gris Grimley and Psychobilly music. The zombie now has a female counterpart on the other side, and they are from the cover of a Florida Psychobilly Bands 1st major CD which was designed by Gris Grimley who is an amazing illustrator. The kitty on the moon is my graphic design symbol, sticking with the art stuff. I also have a oldschool horseshoe-ish tattoo in the middle now and another sparrow on the other rib... I really like the old school style, but I like throwing in random art pieces here and there. If you guys vote for me in the burlesque contest I am in then you will get to see more pictures sooner!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!

  • Scratcher_small

    miller-cotton said on January 19, 2010

    I really like the Kittie on the moon!

  • Heaven-or-hell-final_small

    muttsnutts said on January 19, 2010

    ;o) love the pose chic . is there a theme your following or are they random ,very original anyway

  • M_aee74c9083e948619464b82e85d0ea62_small

    ponydog said on January 19, 2010

    Nice start ,gotya some nice Ink

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