rabbit tribal


rabbit tribal

My hip-rib tat. Took almost 4 hrs!! Semper fidelis means "always faithful", n noli me tangere is what jesus said to thomas when he rose, "do not touch me" like believe by faith, also, sir thomas wyatt wrote it into his poem they flee from me, decribing a deer running away but turning and saying, in modern english, "stop hunting me, I am ceasers, and while I run and am wild, I am tame". That go with the gemini symbol, as I am a gemini n have a split wild/tame personality. I have one heart tattooed in the rabbit, for 1 love. And stars are inspirational and dreamy, 2 music notes for the 2 ppl that inspired my music.

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Uploaded by bearslilbunny
on April 28, 2011

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my 2st bday present to myself