Art Nouveau reader


Art Nouveau reader

This is the first session. 2nd session will finish outline and start on color.

we are toying with the idea of adding a small boy balancing on a stack of books on my left shoulder and more pages/flowers going over and down my left arm. Also not sure what to do with the "sky" suggestions? Comments?

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  • Blur_small

    ixeventidexi said on August 17, 2009

    as far as the sky have it end in lighter clouds that fades into your skin at your neck it could brake the peace up with out havening to go with color all the way up your neck, just a thought

  • Blur_small

    ixeventidexi said on August 17, 2009

    perhaps have the pages turn into flower petals and than into the flowers, perhaps you could put a little bird on the boys shoulder that's looking at the book?

  • Color_1_small

    carma said on August 17, 2009

    Hmm interesting idea web I'm not really fond of doves but give me thought for something, butterflies etc....

    Any suggestions on the "sky"? I don't really want a bunch of color on my neck and where would it "end" so to speak? not sure about that. I'm sure my artist has an idea though :)

  • 222_small

    webescratchers said on August 17, 2009

    How about having the pages from the book's turning into doves encircling the whole piece, in different sizes, going from small to large?

  • 1291774045602_small

    stormylotus said on August 16, 2009

    Love it, very detailed yet simplistic. Can't wait to see it in color. I like the idea, get some flowers and pages twirling down your arm would be really pretty.

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Art Nouveau reader

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