Back Piece - Exoskeleton Spine with Wings


Back Piece - Exoskeleton Spine with Wings

this adventure started in 1996, where i drove four hours to have the entire spine outline done in one eight-hour sitting. the piece was inspired by the Harkonnan Chair in Dune (H.R. Giger). two weeks later, the shading was done in another sitting. a year later, the wing outlines were added, modeled after those in 'Battle Angel Alita' and combined with the general feel of Giger, and two weeks after that had the shading finished on them. the whole tattoo took eighteen hours. i've also got a matching cuff on my upper left arm.

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  • 5581-18343

    inkey-steve said on October 15, 2011

    stunning work

  • Lucy-bearcat-2_small

    daddybearcat said on August 27, 2011

    That's so badass,love that it's done in black n gray!!!

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