Back Piece - Exoskeleton Spine and Wings


Back Piece - Exoskeleton Spine and Wings

spine detail

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  • Dsci0544_small

    romeoajerk said on June 16, 2010

    oh wow excelent tattoo

  • Redlocks-green_small

    damage said on April 3, 2008

    I have been contacted by someone else who had work done by Doc, who says that he is in fact deceased. I have some detail concerning the death, so if you would like more information, you can contact me privately.

    When I was at Burning Man 2007 (this past year), I wrote his name on the temple and returned to watch it burn.

    He will be missed.

    Rest well, Bob.

  • My_tat_5_small

    davetat2 said on December 19, 2007

    great great great

  • Redlocks-green_small

    damage said on March 21, 2007

    thank you, and yes, it was a *very* spiritual experience for me. it was also pushing my body to its physical limits, as by the time the eighth hour was over, my body was in "fight or flight". there is actually alot of spirituality in that instinct, especially as a warrior spirit, because its like you're in a battle with yourself and your strength, and how long you can hold out. just when i thought i wouldn't be able to take any more, the first session was done. finally i was able to relax under the pain in subsequent visits (except for by the armpits, ouch!). the work was done by Bob "Doc" Murdock in Waterbury, Connecticut, and the name of the shop at the time (1996) was called "Rainbow Tattoo". it was subsequently changed to "Beauty Mark Tattoo".

    because i knew he might be hard to find, i did a little digging on my own on your behalf. regretably, i've read in more than one place that Bob has met with an untimely demise (i'm hoping to get details on that soon). i wish i had better news, because while we weren't great friends and had fallen out of touch when i moved west, he let me sleep on his couch before driving back to New Hampshire after a long evening session. i had always assumed i'd be able to go to him for touch-ups myself. )8 i'll post more information here if i can find out what happened, or even *when*.

    if you search for Bob Murdock on the BME site, you can see my sister spinal. there are two other spinals that i'm aware of on guys i used to hang out with in Boston when i lived there, all incredibly unique and different, but mine is the only one with wings. there are some amazing artists in San Francisco (especially on Haight/Ashbury but don't be fooled!).

    may you conquer your opponent,

    - Damage

  • 2148-8165

    darktemplar said on March 21, 2007

    Your peice is warrioristic. Having the ink done was a very spiritual experience for you, was it not? I want nothing from you. Just how you felt getting this work, your tatooest's name and contact information. I have a specific layout of the complete back, around the neck, both shoulders and both outer thighs. Seeing the detail and actual beauty of this work, makes me want to get mine done wright now!

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Back Piece - Exoskeleton Spine and Wings

Back Piece - Exoskeleton Spine and Wings