The Looney Gooney Bird Family - Chest Piece


The Looney Gooney Bird Family - Chest Piece

When I was 4 years old my uncle gave me picture he had created of 2 birds that he called California Looney Gooney birds. It was a pastel drawing and I really liked it. When I was 12 he asked for it back to add more detail, then he decided to keep it! I always loved this picture, so now at 40, I asked him a few months back if he still had it. He did! So I asked him to send me a copy of it, I took it to my amazing tattoo artist, after some modification to the drawing these birds were created. I really love it! Artist: Cosmo Andoloro at True Love Tattoo is Seattle,Washington.

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Uploaded by dhoppseattle
on April 23, 2012

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Chest Piece - Bird Family

My Chest Piece