Seems like ink is bleeding I can see it under the scab


Seems like ink is bleeding I can see it under the scab

Under collar bone/Chest tatt
Got it 5days ago (Nov 8/2014)
I can see the ink outside of the scab, seems like the ink is bleeding out a bit.
I have many other tatts & I haven't seen this happen at all before !!
Went to a new artist because my guys is in another town, even tho this artist has an awesome rep around town, because of this I feel going to him was a mistake ! Fmfl!!!

What do you all think???? Please help!!!

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  • Rlk115_small

    zero989 said on February 11, 2015

    By the picture being black an white ,it is kinda hard to tell that the lines are sloppy But I think it looks good.
    An certain parts of your body will have a different reaction to way it heals. An if you work out a lot or did in the same day of getting it . An if you drink any kind of protein shakes
    It does effect the way your body takes the ink An healing process after wards.

  • Image_small

    jenifer88 said on November 13, 2014

    I forgot to ad that the lines look pretty sloppy up close!
    Ughh maybe it's because I'm looking down/in the mirror at it. I'm kinda angry with it as it's a quote for my child !!!!!
    Also even tho I picked the font size, I think it looks to big on me (I'm pretty petite) so should he have recommended a smaller font size or what

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