Bif Naked Portrait


Bif Naked Portrait
Beijing, China

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    roxanne said on May 21, 2008

    Hi, It is a really good image, Would you please provide the picture to our reader? Is that ok please send the picture before 5/25 to my email:
    Please notice that it would be better the file size up to 1MB, it’s good for the print quality.

    Thank you


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    roxanne said on May 1, 2008


    My name is Roxanne, the chief editor from Taiwan Tattoo Magazine, We have been running Tattoo Extreme Magazine for almost 3 years, and we used to present lovely tattoo photos to our national readers! Starting from this year, we hope to collect more great tattoo work from all over the world.
    In this No.29 issue, our team has been working out the topic of Tattoo Music, and visited your website for information research. According to present the best to the readers, is that be possible for you to provide us some music pictures? We will feel appreciated with your support for the photo material of the tattoo!

    Thanks for your help,
    and hope to hear form you with good news soon!

    Ps. It would be lovely with the high resolution of the photo for issue print!

    Best Regards,


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    tintin said on April 11, 2007

    *jaw drop*

    this is sooo good!

    was just listening to her this morning ;)

  • 1937-6231

    petitecherie said on April 3, 2007

    this is awesome!!! I love Bif so much!

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