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  • Dsc00074_small

    colbydstevens said on September 29, 2007

    would love to have the pleasure of having some of your work on me! How do I get in touch with you on a professional basis? Could you give me some price quotes on your hourly rates? Believe me I would drive thousands of miles to get some of your talent on my body!!!!

  • 7449-27808

    neshavok said on September 7, 2007

    You're sexy and you got it going on with the tattoo biz! You're awesome!

  • 6568-24392

    thewiselady2004 said on August 9, 2007

    Kathy I want you to know that If I did watch Miami Ink it was because of your work and all the other guys except for that looser Ami what ever the hell his name is. He needs to find a woman and get layed. You are going to be so successful, you are an inspiration to many young woman out there. You are a loving person, caring and you love your family espcially your mother. Your work is like an Angel Potraits God bless your hands. Im so happy you are now in Los Angeles. You don't know the magnitude of fans that you have.

    We love you here in San Bernardino, California
    The Pereyda family

  • Member-default-small

    tattooedkelly said on August 7, 2007

    I love your work,who you are. I think you are a great artist,lady. Your a strong person. I think you will do great with your own shop. If you think you might need to appoint a manager,or someone to help you be "assertive", ask one of your close friends who are working with you. I think you may have set up a good crew of people to work with that you can trust .There seems to be a closiness between the LA INK crew and yourself,something that wasn't there in Miami,where you can be yourself and work,and grow as a person. Bottom line,believe in what you can do,set your mind to do well,and hang in there. And don't forget to breath when things get heavy. Breath,and just do what needs to be done.....Take care,Kelly.....I hope you will read this someday Kat...

  • 5511-17803

    44kidd said on August 3, 2007

    just love all your work!!

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Kat Von D

Kat Von D