2 x 16g Dahlia Piercings


2 x 16g Dahlia Piercings

2 x 16g Dahlia Piercings... i love these

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  • M_fc665625a7c2bf2fea934ce85b50ed57_small

    kellasha said on September 6, 2010

    i cant find anywhere in swansea uk to get these done :(

  • Picture_133_small

    dingdonghosy said on April 29, 2010


  • 006_small

    feathersandnails said on April 19, 2010

    First of all that girl is adorable, second I wonder if you bite them a lot? I mean I barely ever catch my lip piercing but does it make a diference if it's in the corners like that?

  • Come_down_to_the_city_of_la_

    dinodahlia said on December 20, 2009

    I want these ! .

  • Noname_small

    jessicka said on June 12, 2009

    I've been wanting these for awhile but wondering how healing goes.. I imagine you would bite them a lot while eating.

  • Dscn3422_small

    roseyl0ve said on January 22, 2009

    I love these! They're so cute!

  • Picture_168_small

    sabirna said on September 12, 2008


  • Angel1_large_small

    laura15768 said on September 1, 2008

    this is so bad ass.. every time i see it, i think it's even more bad ass then previously.

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