Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin

You ask why, I ask why not :P

Before you ask... The story behind this is as follows:

I just wanted to do a portrait of someone famous to add to my portfolio. Plus do someone that hadn't been done. The person that got this, got stuck on Sarah Palin for some reason. We both thought it would be funny. But, my purpose was to enter it in the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. Unfortunately, it didn't place, but crazy pics were taken from numerous tattoo magazines, so hopefully it will make it in one of them in the near future. If not, I have more up my sleeve. Stay tuned ;)

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  • 110401-172052-0_small

    666colins said on June 18, 2011

    Its a quality tattoo but Sarah Palin sucks

  • Untitled_small

    coons81 said on June 9, 2011

    LOL hope theyre happy they now have a tattoo of the dumbest broad walking the earth. Yeah according to her Paul Revere warned the British not the Americans. What a fuckin idiot lolol

  • 20160127_183823_small

    66bonneville said on June 9, 2011

    Great work looks like a photo...good work....

  • Chris2_small

    sikwidink said on June 9, 2011


  • L_3b025ce4c8c64df2b6812f0326ac7005_small

    steviebananas said on June 9, 2011


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