my lotus and aum


my lotus and aum

Aum and lotus sleeve.

the reason i got this ink on my skin is to remind me of my own philosophy's that i try to live by. that is, gain knowledge by picking up things along the road in life, and trying to better my self. and that to blossom from which i came to a bright fruitful future.

here's some detailed descriptions on my tattoo.for the people who are curious what it represents.

ancient text equates AUM with an arrow, laid upon the bow of the human body (the breath), which after penetrating the darkness of ignorance finds its mark, namely the lighted domain of True Knowledge. Just as a spider climbs up its thread and gains freedom

According to the Indian culture the lotus flower denotes prosperity knowledge and learning, fruitfulness and illumination. According to the Hindu mythology, the lotus flower is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wisdom and generosity. She is often portrayed as sitting on a completely blossomed lotus that gives a sense of purity to her form.


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  • 20160127_183823_small

    66bonneville said on June 29, 2010

    Your tatt looks good it will take some time to heal it will be fine...if not you can go back later and touch it up...

  • My_tattoo_small

    robotk said on June 26, 2010

    i like it

  • Member-default-small

    farrellthib said on June 24, 2010

    that looks good!

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